Park to Park 10 Miler 2009

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Distance 10.0 miles Time 1:11:11 (PR) Pace 7.08 Rank 90 of 1079 (Top 8%) GPS Analysis Strava This race wasn’t on my schedule, but it was on my radar. Usually, on Labor Day, Natalee is out visiting and we are peak bagging. However, this year, with the birth of Kayla, we did that in July and I took August off … Read More

Longmont Sunrise Stampede 2009

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Distance 10k Time 44:30 (PR) Pace 7:10 Rank 59 of 472 GPS Analysis Strava I ran my first Stampede in 2006. Last year, I did the 2 mile version with Sydney. This year, I hadn’t planned to run it. Been trying to stick to the one race a month deal. However, with that injury, I felt like I lost fitness … Read More

Greenland Trail 25k 2009

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Distance 25 km (15.5 miles) Time 02:17:16 (PR) Pace 8:51 Rank 42 of 173 GPS Analysis Strava First 25k. First 25k PR. Yeah, it works that way. Yeah! But, post race = shitty. Last year, I ran the 50k here. It was my first ultra. I thought I was going to die. Figured I would be back for it this … Read More

McIntosh Mud Hen 5k 2009

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Distance 5 km (3.1 miles) Time 21:07 (PR) Pace 6:48 Rank 14 of 311 GPS Analysis Strava We had a nice warm week here and then woke up this morning to a misty 40 degrees. Sounds like race day! Last year, this same race day was windy as hell and snowed in the afternoon. I think it is a cursed … Read More

Denver Marathon 2008

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 3:35:32 (PR) Pace 8:13 Rank 262 of 1719 GPS Analysis Strava I have never run a good Denver Marathon. In its inaugural year, I got sick and just finished a 1/2 marathon and proceed to puke. In year 2, it rained the entire race and that wasn’t fun. So this year had to be better! I … Read More