Like Old Times

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Me likes the Wii. The sports games and stuff are fun for a while until you get over the coolness of the Wii-mote. After that, we need some good titles. So I picked up Zelda and then Super Paper Mario. Time to dig in! I am 3 hours into Zelda — I hate that they tell me how much time … Read More

Wii Problem With The Wii

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I had done my research but I didn’t realize the complication of installing the Wii in a home theater! I got everything hooked up quickly. I had picked up the component video cables so I just removed my Gamecube and its component cables and swapped in the Wii. I put all my Gamecube controllers and memory into the Wii. However, … Read More

Gotta Go Wii

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I have been sulking lately that I don’t have any of the new stuff on the market. No HD DVD player. No next gen game console. No new Vista. So I started feeling like I was out of it. My wife did not understand this position. It was like a geek depression of sorts. I pride myself on having this … Read More

My Big Brain

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I read this article in Wired about this game for the Nintendo DS called Brain Age. Sounded cool. Some doctor did all this research that shows that if you “use” your brain daily it helps it stay healthier, more alert and more useful. By use, I mean series of exercises…simple math, memorization, etc. The Brain Age game is pretty cool. … Read More