Run: Green Mountain (5.26 mi)

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Training plan had fartleks today. I hate them. Too unstructured. Need something else. I had been feeling fast lately so I hooked up with JV so I could be put in my place. We met up near the Gregory Canyon trailhead for a run up Green Mountain. I feel like I know this mountain so well yet I hadn’t ever … Read More

Run: Flagstaff Road (8.14 mi)

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Not 24 hours after I wrote a post saying I didn’t climb enough in March, I get an email from Mr. Uphill, JV, asking to run up Flagstaff Road today. Yes, please. Average grade up the road is 10.3% with a max of 24%. That should do it. Tim also joined us to make it a group run. I use … Read More

Return to Grays Peak

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Distance 13.34 miles Time 9 hr 4 min Summit Elevation 14,270 feet Elevation Gain 4,746 feet Route Bakerville/Stevens Gulch It is a known fact that I have boycotted climbing in the winter. Too much complexity. It involves cold weather. Snow is harder to walk in. Yep, yep — ok, mainly I am a baby. I just want to check the … Read More

Bear Peak

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Distance 5.10 miles Time 1 hr 58 min Elevation Gain 3,791 feet My hiking partner called in nauseous — 2 days ago. Plus, she had to work at the girl’s school this morning. So I asked JV if he would give me a tour of a new-for-me Boulder peak. He agreed. So after a long drive/commute down in foggy traffic, … Read More