Still Messing With My Knee

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After a good long stretch of stretching and reduced running, I started to bring back my running. However, I was painfully shot down. Somewhere between mile 5 and 8 my knee decides that life is too short for running and decides to start being a pain. So I stop and walk, then hop along, and try and run again. This … Read More

Knee News

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So I thought I would give an update on my knee since my previous post. I have been doing my stretches for over a month now. At first I was really good about doing them twice a day. However, that quickly changed to once a day after my family came home and life got back to normal. So every night, … Read More

I Am Not Dead Yet

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Finally got into the knee doctor this morning. He did all the movement tests and I felt no pain. Then he took x-rays and those didn’t show anything interesting either. There are some other things to look at in the knee but those require an MRI and he wasn’t convinced it was necessary yet. Then he made me show him … Read More