Road To Recovery – Visit #3

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Previously, previously. Been doing my icing, and my exercises, and wearing my varus wedge, and my hip spika. Time to head back in to the doctor and get my next dose! Back to Jeremy’s office today over lunch. Started off with some ultrasound on my hip and ankle. I really feel it heat up those areas during this. Prior ultrasounds … Read More

Road To Recovery – Visit #2

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Back to see Jeremy today. My 2nd visit but the first “working” visit — meaning I get to learn stuff. The first visit was all about diagnosis. We spent about an hour in the training room up on my feet. He focused today on the hip flexor. Started with some ultrasound. Then we moved to exercises. He taught me 4 … Read More

Road To Recovery – Visit #1

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Time to get fixed. Had my appointment this morning at Colorado Sports Chiropractic Center. Met with Dr. Rodgers and went over my 2 issues, hip and ankle. Described the symptoms. He did some various tests on me — ya know those that make you feel weak and stupid at times. Jump on one leg. Walk on your tip toes. But … Read More


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Went to see Allison again today. 2nd visit. Would have went closer to the 1st visit but I have been away. I was on kid duty this morning so I put Reagan to work (and to keep her busy) taking pictures of the session. Oh, the pain! Hamming it up for the camera. Pink puppy got to come sit with … Read More

Why Does My Butt Hurt

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Got a tip via Twitter on my problem. Started looking it up and I think this sums up my issue. I have some Piriformis Syndrome. Found a Running Times article on it. That article goes to explain how a common cause is tight hip abductor muscles (these are the muscles along the inner aspect of the thigh that pull the … Read More