Green Day @ AT&T Park / San Francisco, CA / 2013

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I am a long time, many times of Green Day. And when they canceled their February 2013 appearance in Colorado I was bummed. Fast forward and I find out they are headlining the Dreamforce Gala in San Francisco. This is super convenient because I am launching our new product at Dreamforce. Score! This was to be Green Day’s first corporate … Read More

Green Day @ Fiddler’s Green / Denver, CO / 2010

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I feel like I go way back with these guys and we have grown together. I got my first taste of Green Day in college when the pot smoking hippie across the hall said hi. He was from Berkeley, California and knew everything about punk rock. He gave me a CD from an unknown band called Green Day, a hometown … Read More

Green Day: Jesus of Suburbia

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Its been awhile! No good shows have come to Denver for a while. Tonight, Green Day was here. All alone so let’s go! I parked and went through 3 ticket guys before I got a hold of a floor ticket for $10 over face value. So if you count all the Ticketmaster charges, I came out ahead — especially because … Read More

2004 Album of the Year

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Felt like I needed to do some kind of 2004 wrap-up so I figured how about music. Bought a lot of music this year over previous years all because I can get individual songs now at the iTunes Music Store. I find myself buying 1 or 2 songs that I like off of completely random albums that I would be … Read More