Stone Temple Pilots @ Red Rocks

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I have been on a concert hiatus for far too long. Its been over a year. Just not a lot of interest but mostly no good shows. Well, the summer of 2008 has about 6 shows in store and I am excited about all of them. Oh and Red Rocks said on the sign that you could bring in small … Read More

Godsmack @ Red Rocks

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I have seen Godsmack twice now — both times at Red Rocks! It was a great cool fall night. I hate the cold but there was some refreshing about it tonight. Rob Zombie opened up. He said he hadn’t played in Colorado in 10 years. Everybody was pretty stoked to see him. His whole band (I think) were chicks. Plus, … Read More

NIN @ Red Rocks

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Nine Inch Nails was here last fall. That was a great show. Then I hear they are coming back to town? What could be better? Its at Red Rocks! Red Rocks is such a great venue. I think you could almost bear to see a crappy band there because its a beautiful scene. I waited for NIN to come out … Read More

Korn @ Magness Arena

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Snowy night in Denver. Sat in traffic forever to get into the arena. Magness Arena, do something about the parking! Anyway, I made it in just as Mudvayne was finishing up. Move forward. The mic stand is unveiled. Crowd loves it. They played a few classics with the curtains right around the drums. Then they opened up and showed a … Read More

Disturbed @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2006

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Disturbed was in town last night. The show was good, not great. Maybe it was me. I just didn’t feel like the band had that much energy. Maybe that is just their deal. Not sure. This lizard dude came out in between acts and was doing crazy stuff. Here he had this other guy throw darts in his back. It … Read More