Leadville Rules

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Well, I mean that in the sense of laws too. We have 2 ATVs and in Leadville I can’t quite figure out the rules up there. They seem welcome on roads but I am always nervous when a law enforcement officer is nearby. I always wonder if I am getting away with something. Turns out I have been more than … Read More

Ready to Ride

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When we first moved to Colorado in 2001, I wanted a way to explore trails. Running didn’t come along for 4 more years. So we bought ATVs and moved about Colorado on 4 wheels. Kim and I had some great times. They also worked well for people who visited from out of state. Lots of fun doing tours around my … Read More

Running What Used To Be Carnage Canyon

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Distance 4.31 miles Time 1 hr 13 min Elevation Gain 2,184 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased With really warm weather today, it was a good opportunity for Natalee and Kyle to go ATVing. Good opportunity for me too — those things get no love over the winter and rot, so it would be good to get them out. So we went … Read More

Return To Jenny Lake

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Distance 22.77 miles Elevation Gain 2,604 feet About 6 months after Sydney was born, we took a Hummer outing to Jenny Lake. The family hasn’t been back since. I have been near many times as I lead visitors up the Moffat Road. I just finished getting my troublesome ATV repaired and it is now running better than my other one. … Read More

Camp Dick 2008

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Another good weekend at Camp Dick with the family. We met up with 2 sets of neighbors and some other friends to keep the party going. The kids really enjoy getting outside and sleeping in the tent. Everybody took turns riding the ATVs up the trail. Reagan even got to go this year for a real ride. My favorite part … Read More