Run: Green Mountain (5.84 mi)

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First of a series of weekly Wednesday Green outings. Replacing Sanitas for now. Hoping to be ready to pounce come springtime. It was colder than prior days. I found it snowing upon arrival. Tried to be more conservative today to hold energy throughout instead of burning up at the start. Stopped at the cabin for a deuce and moved out. … Read More

A Green Mountain Star-Studded Outing

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Watch the video first! My work scheduled got changed up for today with a longer morning meeting. Plus, I had to hang at the kid’s school after dropping them off and wait for Reagan‘s holiday program to start while watching Kayla so Kim could assist in preparations. Busy morning! However, on a whim, I threw my gear in my truck … Read More

And The Race Is Over

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30 hours after the shotgun went off, the LT100 is now over. It is a shame this is not a televised event. So much drama, suffering, excitement, and every other emotion being played out. My hero, idol, man-crush (thanks GZ), Tony Krupicka didn’t not pull out the win as expected. He didn’t even finish. You are probably thinking he blew … Read More

Ready To Race

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Where are we? I’ll tell you where. Where the air is thin. Where the water is clear. Where the mountains are high. Someplace cool. A place where the Gatorade flows like wine. Where runners instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. A little place called…Leadville. Arrived around noon and hit my favorite Mexican spot in town for taper-safe tacos. Then … Read More