Kids: Mount Sherman 2012 / Sydney’s First 14er

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Distance 4.92 miles Moving Time 3 hr 18 min Summit Elevation 14,036 feet Elevation Gain 2,397 feet Route Iowa Gulch GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Previously. For the past few years, I have toyed with the idea of taking Sydney up high with me. So I started asking a few years ago and got a solid NO from Mom. But that’s … Read More

Run: Mount Elbert (9.48 mi)

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Time for my 3rd run after Western. And I am in Leadville. Might as well just do a run up the local hill — which happens to be the highest peak in the state. Headed over around 8 AM. Clear skies. That’s it there in the center. 14,433 is the top. Climb starts at 10,000 feet. The lone sign to … Read More

Run: Mount Massive (13.28 mi)

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Distance 13.28 miles Time 03:16:35 Summit Elevation 14,421 feet Elevation Gain 4,560 feet Route East Slope GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect Previously. After being in Leadville for 10 consecutive days, I had to go back to Longmont today. But I had time for a morning run. Go big, THEN go home! That was my motto. The choice … Read More

Mount Princeton (14,197′)

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Distance 13.35 miles Moving Time 3 hr 30 min Summit Elevation 14,197 feet Elevation Gain 5,199 feet Route East Slope GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect As previously noted, I wanted to work a 14er summit into my Leadville trip this week. I was just going to run over to Elbert but JV said he would come up … Read More

Run: Torreys Peak and Grays Peak (7.90 mi)

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Distance 7.90 miles Moving Time 2 hr 24 min Summit Elevation 14,270 feet (GP) / 14,267 feet (TP) Elevation Gain 3,622 feet Route Stevens Gulch GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect Previously, previously. I didn’t know what to do today after Lance had bailed on the bike race. Had Leadville in my plans. Lost motivation so I figured … Read More