Acquisition #82

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So yesterday was a landmark day work-wise. Let me explain. Right now, I am blogging this at 12:01 AM PST. A press release has just dropped on the wire. The news is now public — Latitude Communications will be acquired by Cisco Systems. Latitude was Cisco acquisition number 82. Let me put that in perspective. Cisco has a division — … Read More

eXtreme Programming Tips

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As noted earlier, we are experimenting with XP at Latitude. I ran across this great article on 5 things that you should apply to your own project even if you do not adopt XP completely. Whether or not we continue with XP remains to be decided, but I would definitely use these techniques again.

52-Week High

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Well, its finally happening…Latitude’s stock is gaining ground.  I suppose its never going to get to the $35 that we hit back before dot-bomb, but anything in the positive direction is a good thing.  We were at .41 cents back in November and so this works out to a pretty good rise if you got in low.  Hopefully, we keep … Read More