Baltimore 2012

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That was fun. After a lot of hard work, a team of 4 traveled to Baltimore this week for the NARCA convention to demonstrate what Local Counsel Collective has to offer. This was a big deal for us as it was the first time we went for national exposure after starting as a regional offering. We got a good reception … Read More

Cisco Jabber Video Has Arrived

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I have a dream…that one day all telepresence endpoints could be free… That was the vision a few like minded folks inside Cisco saw about a year ago. So we set off on a path to build something that was free. The naysayers said that it could be a threat to our existing hardware business for telepresence. Well, maybe in … Read More

Then There Was Android

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After getting the iPhone app released, it was only a matter of time before the haters would start running their lips. “Can’t we get that on Android?”, they asked. Dang it. Why do we have to have choice in this world! So after failing miserably with the Android simulators, I bought myself an unlocked Android phone. Don’t need to call … Read More

Cisco TelePresence Turns 5

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I haven’t been working on it the whole time, but it was cool to see this milestone occur last week. In many ways, collaboration has been the center of my professional career as long as I have had one. Starting with web conferencing and moving to life-sized video conferencing solutions. We call it telepresence. This shows some of what we … Read More

Local Counsel Collective

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Back in 1996, Steve and I collaborated on an effort which produced Orion Software Development. It was a great opportunity. Fast forward to last fall when Steve called me with another opportunity. It did take some convincing because I know nothing about the legal industry but I got on board. Over the past 5 months on nights and weekends, we … Read More