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On my way home today, I dialed up apple.com and made an appointment at the Genius Bar to replace my busted iPod shuffle. It won’t turn on. Under warranty still — only had it 3 months. So I had to wait around because I got there early. Plus they were pretty full on appointments so I had to kill some … Read More

Technology Woes

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iPod My couple month old iPod shuffle died today mid-run. Figured I had forgotten to charge it…but wasn’t sure that was likely. Came home and plugged it in and iTunes can’t see it. Tried the iPod reset utility. Nothing. When its off the charger, not a single light will come on. When its on the charger, it just flashes yellow … Read More

The FCC Sucks

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I am a Sirius subscriber and shareholder. After 18 months, the merger of XM and Sirius is finally approved by the FCC. What a relief. Sure, the stock price is in the toilet relatively but we aren’t in a great market either. I still feel great about the future of satellite radio and how it will continue to revolutionize radio … Read More

It Continues

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I was about to head to bed early last night when we had to take my daughter to the ER. She was in a lot of pain in her stomach. Turned out to be something that passed and all is well. Great way to end the day. Home in bed by 1 AM. I went to leave for my run … Read More

Everything Sucks

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So last night, I went to get gas and got all flustered and laid my wallet down while working the pump. I mentally noted to myself to get pick it back up but of course I did not. I woke up this morning to get join in the iPhone madness. Grabbed my stuff. Where is my wallet? SON OF A … Read More