Listen Up

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My daughter goes to a Christian school. We chose it more for its private education than for the religious aspect. I am agnostic these days. Do what you want with your god. Mostly, I will think you are foolish but that’s your business. But I don’t walk around condemning what my child learns at school. She can make up her … Read More

Productivity Decrease

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When you take away the free caffeinated beverages that power your employees, you are not only cutting costs — you are going to decrease productivity. And I gotta believe there will be a secret staff for the “important” people. Oh well, I work at home so who cares. Will just have to bring my 2-litter when I go into the … Read More

No More HOA

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As of Jan. 1st of this year, my 2 terms as the HOA president ended. I opted not to run again. I would become the default president for life if I had. I completed all the things I set out to do. I was going to make a list in this post of all the things I (with help on … Read More

Blu-Ray Is Slow

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Is it just my Sony BDP-S500 or do all Blu-Ray players take forever and a day to load a movie? I have this annoying loading progress bar that comes up. It fills to 100% over and over again. Who taught Sony about user interface? You fill a progress bar one time and then the operation is done. You can’t keep … Read More

Screw You Jamba Juice – Part 2

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Just got back from the holiday and went for my morning drink… Damn it! I was ranting a while back when Jamba changed the menu and got rid of the Powerboost. Later found out, you can still order the drink, its just not on the menu. They had the ingredients, minus the boost part. So I lived happily — going … Read More