Good Spam?

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Ya know, these SPAM guys drive you nuts…and just when you have about had it, somebody does some creative marketing and sends something funny that actually gets your attention.  This was one of those classic ads about getting a larger penis, etc.  I got a chuckle out of the picture.

Hungry, Kids?

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School kids got hungry on a field trip and the school official took them to Hooters to eat.  Man, education sure has changed since I was in school. …and Saddam in gay porn films.  What’s up with that?  I guess when you are insane, no sense in holding anything back. Also, the Avs won last night 3-1.  Series will be … Read More

Too Long of a Winter?

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Ok, Winter is much too long in this Iowa town.  They are going to make lying illegal.  “Where have you been honey?”….uhhh….you could go to jail — but that might be better than staying there at times. 🙂 Snoop D-Oh-Double G is may be back in court.  He used a message that somebody left on his answering machine in a … Read More