Hagerman Pass

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We cruised over to Hagerman Pass, west of Leadville, for a little day camping. Took the dogs, the truck, the ATVs, food, and whatever else we could cram in the Hummer. We setup basecamp at the Windsor Lake trailhead for the day. From there, we had lots of diversions available. Hiking trails nearby. Rivers for the dogs to swim in. … Read More

15 Years Later

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Kim and I are celebrating our anniversary today. I think 15 kind of snuck up on us. I have known her since 1991. Married in 1999. It gets weird when you have known someone for more of your life than you have not known them. So a few throwbacks that my Mom dug up for your viewing pleasure. Prom…circa 1992-1993. … Read More

Father’s Day

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Its my day! Shared with other Dads across the globe. I was told many times through the course of the day by Kayla that she would do something because it was my special day. Guess I go back to servant on Monday. So here are the kids that got me on the list. I don’t know what I would do … Read More

Tipi For My Bunghole

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Kim and I have been debating how to spice up our Leadville land. We had been toying with the idea of building some kind of structure for the kids to play inside of. Wanted something that would work year around. Kind of doubling as a snow fort in the winter and hang out in the summer. I was so close … Read More

Zip Line Madness

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After the recent completion of the tree house, I realized we had just built a nice launch platform for a zip line. So I quickly ordered up a nice 100′ kit and was excited to install it. Turns out there was a nice big stopping point tree just 95 feet away. So I rigged it up between that tree and … Read More