Run: Green – Bear – Green (15.00 mi)

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We stayed down low this weekend for some reason so I had to hit trails here. This was kind of good because I haven’t run in Boulder OSMP in like 2 months? Work, trips, life. Oh well. So I got down there on Saturday morning to find the usual gaggle of summer folks all over the place. Its sort of … Read More

Run: Sunnyvale to Stanford and Back (20.30 mi)

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Got back to the hotel from work. No family obligations. Work was done. Hmmmm. I had this nagging feeling all week since I punted on my 20 miler on Sunday out of lethargy. So let’s do it now. Where to go? Part of my problem sometimes is just getting the route figured out that makes sense. Something with round numbers. … Read More

Run: Rancho San Antonio (8.70 mi)

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My new place of employment in the Bay Area has me over to the west further. I used to hit the east side mountains before or after work for my dose of trails while in town. Now its a little far and much more traffic in between. I need another option. Well, those on this side of town always talk … Read More

Run: Boulder High School To Home (26.29 mi)

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Go out so-so, when it hurts find a 7-11!    -Brandon Fuller, 2013 The girls had another track meet today at Boulder High School. It was in the mid-80s at race time. Nobody is ready to run in that weather yet. Plus, they spent last night sleeping at the zoo and were falling asleep on the drive to the track. This … Read More