Gone Solar

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Living in one of the sunniest states in America has its advantages as far as outdoor activities. But it also means there is power coming down from the sky every day. I read recently that enough sun shines on the earth in one hour to power the entire globe for a year. Folks like Elon Musk are working to make … Read More

Run Rabbit Run 100

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What a perfect start time for a race! At least for me. 8 AM start allowed me to get up on my usual daily schedule. Instead of that 3 AM wake up call like some of the other races I do. I consumed some calories and took my time getting ready. I drove over to the start and sat in … Read More

Run Like A Rabbit

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How times have changed. In my first few years as an ultra runner, I filled this blog with every detail of my pre-race planning. I was meticulous in my preparation. I figured I was doing something special and it was fun to share the journey. Over the years, my enthusiasm for that level of detail has waned. I don’t know … Read More