Drink Your Night Run

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Well, now you can have your own Night Run anytime you want at Periodic Brewing in Leadville. See lower left on the drink menu. Chris is having a good time with the names! I hope the tradition continues. Someday I hope to do it again myself.

Hawaii 2016

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We got married in Hawaii.  Ever since, it is a favorite destination of mine.  Probably the favorite.  So I was excited to be back in the land of aloha. While raised near the mountains, my kids realize how to be beach kids too.  Helps when there is a mountain in sight in the distance though. Pretty nice wearing a bathing … Read More

Killing Me Slowly

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Back in June 2013, I kicked diet drinks. It stuck. Haven’t had one since. Well, there was this random Diet Pepsi in our fridge that a guest left a year ago and I tried it. It was awful. It used to be my favorite. It was funny how my tastes changed back after the purge. Then last spring, I dieted … Read More

Gone Solar

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Living in one of the sunniest states in America has its advantages as far as outdoor activities. But it also means there is power coming down from the sky every day. I read recently that enough sun shines on the earth in one hour to power the entire globe for a year. Folks like Elon Musk are working to make … Read More