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Man, I hate tech support sometimes.  Talked with UPS this morning because their WorldShip shipping software was not working.  It kept giving an error about the rate engine.  So I called and the guy walked me through his manual of dumb stuff to check out.  Then made me reinstall but the same problem occured.  He kept telling me I had … Read More


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Snow here this morning, gone by 10am.  Gotta love Colorado.  So I skied at Eldora today.  Ice & some powder but not very “spring sking” — it was windy and cold but with no one else really out there, its a good time. Got screwed at Talladega (or just ‘Dega as it known in the sport) today.  Went to the race … Read More

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I bought another webcam today only this one has its own web server connected to it so I don’t have to be sure the app is running all the time.