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A Day in the Life11 Comments

What’s up?

It’s been a while.
Yeah, I know. Kinda been doing other things for a change.

I don’t know. Boredom. Frustration?

Well, everybody seems to have moved to other things lately.
Yeah, seems so.

What’s your plan?
I am not sure if I have one yet. But over the summer, I spent more time in Leadville on the bike than running. It was kind of scary at first. As in, I currently suck at technical stuff. I wasn’t riding really hard or anything. Just cruising around. I really liked the fact that you could still move and not have to work. It’s called coasting. Even tried to prove my existence on Insta with a few shots.


I was hiding most of the rides on Strava because they were so lame. But finally I started getting more interested at seeing how bad I was at various segments around town. That is when I wasn’t crashing the bike. I learned a few things about bike maintenance quickly. Like how to fix a bent derailleur hangar on the trail. Oh, and I fixed more flats that I cared to. Googling “tubeless” soon. Here is one of the more scenic breakdowns.


Frankly, the ups are funs but the downs are still pretty sketchy. I am sure that will change quick. Once I get comfortable on wheels (like our ATVs) I tend to drive pretty wildly. I think the thing that is killing me right now is the geometry of this bike. My wife says that is just an excuse for a new bike. Probably. But when you go over the handlebars, I can only think bigger wheels would have helped me roll right over that.

But summer is over now. Kids are back to school. It tends to be easier to get on the roads and ride. That seems to be coming along as well. I have a way newer set of wheels there from my triathlon interests of a few years ago. Kind of enjoy it. Although seeing people get hit by cars kind of is a buzzkill. Spending most of my days finding the right routes so I can get highly repeatable and just crank each day. Remember I ran around the same lake daily for a decade.


Saw a lot of interesting events that caught my attention over the summer. Their was a bike ride/race from Copper to Leadville to Vail to Copper. That looked like a fun day. Did I just say that? I saw the Leadville Trail 100 stage race finally where the 100 MTB course is broken up into 3 days. That’s a fun intro too. There is another race coming up in Boulder that looks intriguing. I guess my mindset has shifted to wanting to do something else for a while.

But somehow I have this long term vision of getting proficient enough on the bike. Return to the two mile high city. Run a marathon. Bike a bit. Bike a lot. Run for a day. You know. I feel like many have made that transition now successfully. Maybe it is time for me to try and get a square one too. We will see. Not 2017. Do the other ones first then hit that later on. Or not.

Time to get more Specialized…