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How times have changed. In my first few years as an ultra runner, I filled this blog with every detail of my pre-race planning. I was meticulous in my preparation. I figured I was doing something special and it was fun to share the journey. Over the years, my enthusiasm for that level of detail has waned. I don’t know exactly why. I guess some part of it boils down to what some of the critics/veterans/etc like to say “ultimately, it is just about running”. I think that is truer now than ever for me.

Going into this race a little blind. Going in with no crew or no pacers. That might seem like I am trying to be “badass”. Maybe there is a bit to that. But there is also some personal freedom in that. A stress reliever. I could have a pacer. I could have a crew. I have people that would show up on request. But they won’t determine my race. Only I do. It is a different mindset when you are out there alone. No one to blame. No one to give you a push. It is all on your shoulders. And this type of situation is exactly what I like. We work on teams everyday. Family works together everyday. But achieving a finish solo, it is a unique proposition. Crews & pacers will return to my future someday, when I need them.

It is a bit weird sitting at my desk 36 hours from the start of the race. My races have primarily been Leadville so I have always been there weeks in advance fretting about every second. Not the case here.

I packed 3 drop bags by basically shoving about everything I could think I needed into a backpack for each location. Lots of warm clothes. Lots of real food. And that is it.

I trained different this year. Less miles. More strength building. I am not a faster runner right now. But this isn’t a fast race. I do feel more solid and recovered on long runs lately. I am really curious to see if this translates to a good finish. I would like to make bold claims in advance but that is silly. Race day can be so unpredictable. This is a long time on my feet. Probably will be the longest time on my feet of any previous ultras.

That’s all I have for words of wisdom I guess. Tomorrow I head to Steamboat. Friday at 8 AM we start. 36 hours to go 100 miles. Lots of up and down. More than Leadville. Less altitude and less heat. I am sure 5 miles in I will have the usual mindfuck — why the hell did I do this again? But if…no!…once I cross the finish line, I get to continue to feel elite for another year. Being healthy and fit enough to run 100 miles. That makes me proud of myself.

Race tracking here. I am #560. Be sure to pick the “Tortoise” category, where you will find me. “Hares” are racing for prize money.

  • Yeah! Stay positive even when things are tough. Remember how great you did at WS100 after going through a crummy patch. Stay on the gas!

  • I often ponder whether my pacers are speeding me up, or holding me back. Similarly, whether running with others on the course is boosting me or making me wallow in my misery. Hard to know. I will be running without pacers next time, I think, though I’ll have crew. I’m sure going it solo is going to be a lot more exciting. Adventure!

  • Andy Wooten

    It is a great race Brandon. The aid station volunteers are so on point that you don’t need crew if you packed your bags right… being a small race this will have a totally different vibe than you are used to as well and you might enjoy more. Pacers… eh… there is always someone around to run with. Look forward to seeing you up there today!