Serious Preparation

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We are almost there. Hang in there. Leadville overload will stop soon enough.

Today was race check-in. Always a big deal to get the bib and the band on your wrist. You don’t get to take the band off until you cross the line or quit trying. Another new number for me. They do these alphabetical these days so I seem to be in the 200s every year now.

The Bib 2014

We headed over to Aish’s Mizuno party. I had to get one of the shirts of little Aish when he was in 2nd grade. I never gave out shirts at my Leadville event. But then again, I don’t have a sponsor (yet). One day. Met up with a lot of great folks. New friends and bumped into some old ones too.

Mini Aish

Speaking of old, ultrarunning’s biggest fan was in the house. We got a look at the Duper list. Pretty standard but he didn’t have them sorted just yet. We gave him crap for not having the balls to man up and pick a podium in order. Tim and I talked Bill into jumping into my truck with us and we headed over to the Boulevard for another kind of race…

Super Duper

The 2nd Annual Leadville Beer Mile! Pat put it on. And Pat won. 7:30ish. At altitude. That’s drink 12 oz, run 1/4 mile, drink 12 oz, run 1/4 mile, drink 12 oz, run 1/4 mile, drink 12 oz, and run 1/4 mile again! It was a fun event to watch. I am not trained for such a thing.

Leadville Beer Mile

About 36 hours before the gun fires. Nerves are in check so far.