Talking Leadville On The Podcast

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Last August, Gary and Tim, the famous hosts of Elevation Trail, stayed at the Fuller Compound in Leadville during the Leadville Trail 100 Run. We had a great time chatting about all things racing. Afterwards, the race got some bad publicity for its overcrowded scene. Gary and Tim addressed some of the issues on their show back then.

Leadville Prep

Fast forward to now, Leadville is on the mend the race is just over a week out. Who better than to be a guest on the show than ME — the self-proclaimed mayor of the town. I am lining up for my 5th consecutive start at my favorite race. We chat about Leadville, the series, my strategies, and my failures. And how Tim is coming off the couch to pace me once again next week. Listen here.

Colorado Trail

Thanks to the boys for giving me an outlet to speak on this important topic. My wife is sick of hearing about it.


  • Will Cooper

    I’m looking forward to another fun filled leadville this year. lets hope the organizers are on top of the details! Good luck out there.

  • symmitchry

    0:30:27: One of the commentators: “Or it says something about the race, that a 70 year old can hike through it, I’m not sure which…”

    Has that guy ever even run before? Like, 5k? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Jesus…

    • Eh. Leadville has been walked in sub-30 hours. Most people run hard and blow up and suffer. If you take it slow and easy, its possible to finish without ever really running anything hard.

      • symmitchry

        Yeah, but that’s any 100 miler, not just Leadville. I can’t abide the Leadville hate. He later starts shitting on how the aid stations were “annoying to the crew”? Yeesh…

        • ff

          Actually, a lot of people involved in last year’s (and 2012) criticized the way it was managed. Gary was there last year and we spoke with several people (including the volunteer llama people who manage hopeless aid) and they were adamant about how the race has degraded over the last few years. Is there a problem in calling them into question if it generates positive change? So far this year I’ve witnessed good efforts on the management of the Leadville series, which, I have to conclude, is due to criticism from last year.

          Gary may be opinionated and I may be as well. If you want to listen to or read candy sunshine dreams discussion on ultrarunning, then I suggest following one of the numerous blogs, sites, magazines, and podcasts that cover the details of aid station food goodies and the new colors of the latest shoe release. FYI, I’m guessing Gary could smoke you in a marathon, 5k, 50 miler, and probably a 100 if he decides to venture into 12 minute pace races.