Leadville Boom Days Burro Race 2014

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My buddy, George Zack, and Jack the Burro won the 2014 Leadville Burro Race again! That’s 20+ miles of running — including a trip to the top of Mosquito Pass (13,000′). He won last week in Fairplay at the World Championships as well. One more race next week in Buena Vista to see if he can take home the coveted Triple Crown!

2014 Leadville Burro Race

2014 Leadville Burro Race

2014 Leadville Burro Race

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  • georgezack

    Thanks for being there!

    • I am the official media coordinator for the George Zack burro organization — or at least that’s what I told the guy who told me to move.

      • Damn right, those shots are awesome.

        • George is like my muse. All the good shots I take are either of him or my dogs.