Double Hope

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I need a little hope if I am going to pull off another run here next month. So it was time to face my nemesis today. I drove down to the Willis Gulch Trailhead just west of Twin Lakes. All the other silly runners are still trying to figure out how to cross the raging river. No way. Go west! As the dogs and I got started, I heard my name being called. It was Joey Luther. We decided to team up and do this together. He wasn’t sure what exactly he was going to fit in for the day and I had been sure that Winfield was on the menu. So we headed up.

I used poles today. I am finally training with them. I saw Kili using them at HR so fuck you JT. Here is Joey up ahead in the meadow near Hopeless. I was moving steady but not too quick up this today.

Hope Pass

Pretty sure this guy was the first one up top. He is my mountain goat. He has a mind of his own but I love taking him with me.

Hope Pass

I carried water for the dogs but they had other plans. Making due in the small run-off channels still flowing down the hill.

Hope Pass

Ozzy also enjoys history. Here he is after we arrive at Winfield checking out the story behind this place. It was about 10 miles over to this point from the car. This would be the longest dog trail run in mileage to date. I was a little nervous but these guys never let me down.

Hope Pass

While Joey was off refiling his water, I took a selfie in front of the Winfield sign. I know many people who share this sentiment. Yet we return annually.

Hope Pass

We took the new trail to Winfield but just opted for the road on the return to the pass. Just something different. I was struggling in the lower mile of the climb. It was ripping my calves right off of me. I instantly started dreading doing this climb with 50 miles on my legs. But I kept at it.

Hope Pass

Finally, we neared the top. Joey there in the distance if you can spot him.

Hope Pass

Finally. What a pain in the ass climb. I swear its coming back over that kills. Used to going up and going down and going home. Not here.

Hope Pass

We made the summit just as weather started coming in south of us. Sat for a quick break and then we were on our way down. I had a bad side stitch the whole descent which keep me in check. Nothing else too interesting.

Hope Pass

When we hit the bridge near the car, I immediately stripped down and got in the river. Ice bath! It was cold but so refreshing.

Ended up at nearly 20 miles in about 6 hours with 6,500 feet by the GPS.

Thanks for the company, Joey. Best of luck next month!

  • ff

    Nice! How was the breathing? Solid run. Now do it again tomorrow…

    • It was wet out there today so the dust was way down. I hit the inhaler for giggles to see if it did anything. It might have. I never fell over coughing.

      Tomorrow, I need to go somewhere else. 14ers are calling….

  • symmitchry

    I never did do that full Hope to Winfield training run. That trail / road section is just miserable, and I was super paranoid about the dog getting fried. I would opt instead to just do an extra lap back up the woodsy side with all the water. Nice work.