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Been at elevation now for 7 days straight. More to go before I have to go “down valley” as they say up here. Trying to be sure to get something interesting in every day run wise to build back up post-Bighorn. Its fun being here in that I am not running around Union Reservoir mindlessly every day. The dogs get me up and are whining at the door each morning for the next adventure. Then they come home and sleep all day.

Its nice and cool up here but I like to claim to enjoy the heat. So most of my runs end up going through some storm like this one from Monday. I was looping Turquoise Lake when this little storm set in. There is always something inspiring (maybe depressing) about looking this direction from the dam and seeing Hope Pass in the distance. Over that and back here is a long way. But its amazing that you just keep stepping and its possible.

Massive Weather

For today, I wanted some new vertical. I never run on the east side of town. That is like no-man’s land over there. So I broke the trend with an ascent of Mosquito Pass. On a non-race day! Can you believe that? It was quite enjoyable.

Mosquito Pass

I took poles. Yes. I am planning on using them next month so I better start building a little skill. Frankly, I think they eased things on my hip a bit.

Mosquito Pass

My partners in crime enjoyed the route. Ozzy is constantly cutting switchbacks though. Lizzy was hunting pikas like it was open season. Fun to let them roam when you can see for miles.

Mosquito Pass

Except when they go too far. I was drinking some water and doing a few pictures and turned around. No dogs. See them? Another pika hunt led them over there. I swear they run 2x the distance I do each time.

Mosquito Pass

Well, back down to Leadville there in the distance and back to work. More good stuff on tap for the weekend!

Mosquito Pass

  • pittbrownie

    I get to talk extra shit if I beat you and you’ve used poles!

  • http://brandon.fuller.name/ Brandon Fuller

    They have really sharp points for accidentally stabbing other runners.

  • nataleejean

    Ultras combined with Mortal combat. Dorks.