February 9, 2014

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I hooked up with JP this morning for a run up Green. It was much colder than yesterday because we were sitting beneath a layer of fog. The dogs were along and enjoyed crashing through the crunchy snow. When we started up the stairs beyond the Ranger Cabin, we instantly walked into a heat wave. It was like you walked into your house after a run. Apparently, it was warmer up high than down low. However, that tranquil feeling was ruined as the wind started ramping up as we got to the top. JV caught up to us after the summit. I think he was all stoked because I talked to him while he was still at work and he must have been motoring to catch us. Saw a bunch of Boulder folks out there this morning as well.

Green Mountain Inversion

Smokey Bear Peak

Posted: 2014-02-09 at 13:29 MDT in A Day in the Life