February 3, 2014

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The Ogden Theater is the smaller neighbor to the Fillmore. And when a band you love plays there, there is nothing better! So I was really excited to hear that Stone Sour was coming back again to Denver to play another show in support of their latest album. Stolen Babies opened the show. Metal lead singing female on accordion. They did a good set but didn't quite get me moving. Next was Pop Evil. They seemed unusually flat tonight. They played a lot of their louder stuff and skipped the classics like 100 in a 55, which I didn't mind. But it felt off from other times I have seen them. Oh well. But the big guys were up next!

Stone Sour

The real draw for me is Mr. #8, Corey Taylor. He is the frontman for this band as well as Slipknot. He actually did Stone Sour first, went on hiatus and joined Slipknot, and restarted this years later. Now, he leads 2 of metals best bands and he is always a thrill to see live -- with or without the mask. I am not sure if you want to call it a man-crush, but Corey is on that short list of current day musicians where I think, "yeah, I would be proud to be that guy".

Stone Sour

Corey always gives props to Denver when he comes. Some type of bond here. But tonight he was on fire with the crowd. I think the small venue helps but the people were almost overwhelming the sound system at times. We were loud. Corey likes to talk too. So at one point he comes and and says we all have to address the elephant in the room. Everybody knew what he meant. He didn't mention it by name. But to paraphrase, all he said was -- As long as you have a team, and there is another game to play, there is always a chance to win. And that's all that matters.

Stone Sour

This guy defines metal and I have never seen him play in anything other than a button down shirt when he is being Corey and not #8. They have been doing a cover song every night of the tour and for our show they unveiled Creeping Death. It was fantastic. "None of us would be here tonight if it weren't for Metallica", he said. So I whipped out my phone for a little video to commemorate.

My daughter, Sydney, loves Through Glass. So I grabbed some of that too for her. This venue is 16+. I am about to make my kid a fake ID so she can see these great shows there with me.

Fabulous show. Really enjoyed it! Never a dull moment with Stone Sour. Cheers, Corey!

Stone Sour

Figured out a new iPhone photo trick too I think for better concert pics. Used it on those first few. To be tested again next time...

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