Aspartame Free

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From time to time, I get on a kick and try and do something different. So I decided back in May it was time to stop drinking diet soda. So I finished up every last drop in the house and instructed the shopping chief to purchase these products no more. The rest was up to me. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but frankly, I just distracted myself and got through a small chemical addiction release over the first 2 weeks. I also grabbed a case of Mexican Coke by the bottle. I hate regular sodas now anyway after decades of diet. And I don’t really want to trade not drinking diet soda for going back to regular. But I needed something to ease the transition. Plus, I am not giving up caffeine here either. Save that for another day. So here we are 30 days late and still on a roll. I have a random soda here or there. Sometimes when we go out I get some lemonade, but usually its water or maybe a beer.

I felt it was time to make this change after spending another 15 minutes googling some stuff and realizing that my liter a day Diet Mountain Dew was way over the top when I see all these stats about how only a can a day increases the risk of diabetes or metabolic syndrome or 1000 other things. Maybe I am running a lot now but someday I might not be. Maybe the running helps counteract the poison a bit. Someday it won’t be there. Or maybe if I stop now, I might be a better runner. I still struggle with obesity in the mid-section. I store my fat there. And its not going away quickly. Reading how your body gets fooled into thinking calories are coming and then pouring a nutritionally void diet soda in, just causes all kinds of havoc. So time to rebalance.

Still weighing myself everyday and nothing has really changed. Everybody wants that quick win and it didn’t come here yet. Maybe my body is still unwinding. Maybe this gesture won’t do anything noticeable. Not sure. Going to stick with it though. Can’t be a bad move long term.