Run: Rancho San Antonio (8.70 mi)

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My new place of employment in the Bay Area has me over to the west further. I used to hit the east side mountains before or after work for my dose of trails while in town. Now its a little far and much more traffic in between. I need another option. Well, those on this side of town always talk of Rancho so I figured I would seek it out after work today. But when I arrived, something was lurking in the bushes.

Seemed like quite a network of trails from the map. I instantly tried to figure out what the best loop to the top was…if there was a top. I haven’t explored new trails in a long time. I run the same loop everyday at home. Here we go.


I headed up the PG&E trail. Named after the power company here. Probably because there were powerlines overhead. I made decent work of it even though I wasn’t really pushing hard. I wasn’t sure where the next turn or hill was so I was just in a cruising gear. Plus it was 90 degrees out but the trail is mostly shaded which gave a lot of relief.


Took about 40 minutes to get to the Vista Point spot. It claims a few of the Pacific but it was pretty foggy over the water but I knew it was out there. You could go on another 2 miles to the Black Mountain Summit but I wouldn’t have enough light for the return and these parks close up…like lock you in…so I didn’t dare. Here was a shot a the top. I came up on the right under the powerlines winding through those hills. Then you can see a trail on the left on the grassy hill where it goes back down. Kind of fun terrain.


Nature! There were signs for cats and coyotes but I only saw their food.



Descending the other side was fun except I was in my Nike Free’s which offer limited trail traction. Plus I realized I had not downhilled in longer than I should have so my legs were slow to get moving back down.


Got back down to the lower trails in time. Twilight was just hitting when I got to the parking lot. That was my 2nd run for today. An hour this morning. 90 minutes tonight. After a crappy week last week on the run, this felt pretty good. Pretty smooth. Actually more relaxing. It was nice to be out with no time constraints just cruising some new hills.


I went 8.70 miles with an elevation gain of 1,668 feet in 01:26:20, which is an average pace of 09:55. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.