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After a full two days of unemployment, I had to get off my butt and find a job. So I headed out to Mountain View, California and joined my friends @ Blue Jeans Network!

Blue Jeans

Many familiar faces (Ted, Luke, and more!) here at Blue Jeans exposed me to the company. I believe the vision of video conferencing everywhere still needs to become a reality. We were trying at Cisco. But these guys are in a unique position to pull it off by being a interoperable cloud-based player in this market. Here, let us tell you about it.

So I joined the team as a technical leader. Still working from home out of Colorado…courtesy of video conferencing, of course! Thanks to my friends in and out of Blue Jeans who helped me out on this transition with advice. Should be fun to be at a small company once again. Who knows…might just end up back where I started if things go well.


  • GZ

    That was quick.

  • ff

    Congratulations! Let’s teleconference a Green Mt run.

  • nataleejean

    Sounds like a great fit!

  • Jim P.

    Congrats. I work for a big non-profit organization – operations in all 50 U.S. states and 35 other countries. We gotta get cost-effective video conferencing figured out! Could save an org like our millions of dollars and tens of millions of tons of carbon emissions. Go get ’em.

  • mtnrunner2

    As long as your new company doesn’t have a random animal in the name ( Good luck in your new life.

  • Congrats, B. Angela and I are proud of you and looking forward to seeing your name on some apps at the US Patent Office!