Goodbye, Cisco

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This is my stop. Getting off here. Thanks for the ride.


In 2004, our relatively “small company” got acquired by its neighbor down the street, Cisco. Nearly a decade of working at a “big company” has led me to a decision to make a change. Years ago, I might have written a diatribe about all the things that were behind this decision. But today, I won’t. Cisco treated me well on the whole. Gave me a lot of flexibility. I just wasn’t content with the challenge anymore. That’s what I circled on my exit survey.

So just before our spring vacation trip, I gave my two weeks notice. And today is the end of that period. Last day of employment inside the mother ship. Spooky? Exciting? Seemed like just another day actually.

  • JMock


  • Amar

    Good luck brandon … leant a lot of things from you 🙂

  • Timko

    Contrats and good luck!

  • ff

    Good luck and enjoy the new path.

  • pittbrownie

    You quit? I heard they fired you after your recent “Thrift Shop” domestic violence issues.

  • Wyatt Hornsby

    Good luck, Brandon. These decisions don’t come easily. Are you interested in staying in the industry or doing something news?

    My wife says she read that you went to Purdue? She did her internship and residency there, and we lived in Lafayette and then, later, West Lafayette for five years. That’s where I started running.

    I’ll be in touch regarding my trips to Leadville this summer.