Step Up

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Step Up

This snow is garbage. Not enough for spikes. Just enough to slide on logs. Starting to feel like a hiatus from this mountain is in order.

  • Jeff Valliere

    Was way better today than Tuesday. Don’t want to hear the complaining. 😉

  • mtnrunner2

    I felt kind of silly bringing spikes up Green last weekend (obviously hadn’t been there in a while). I wore them on the last two switchbacks on Greenman, then down Ranger for about 30 yards, just so it didn’t feel like a total waste.

  • Curt Krieger

    Freezing rain followed by a light snow has resulted in a totally “unrunnable” trail system here in Iowa…relegated to roads is total depressing situation! Wish I were closer to your trail options regardless of the snow and ice!

  • Timko

    There’s always double loops of Sanitas. I’m pretty sure it’s it’s much better shape.