The Last Day

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We leave in the morning so its the last full day here. The consensus was easy – back to the favorite beach. On the way, we took our leis out to Duke to continue the tradition.

Hawaii 2012

I like my ice cream. So we had ice cream about every day here. From anyone that sold it. Even in Hello Kitty bowls. My wife made a rude comment about my smile here. Screw her.

Hawaii 2012

I built my final masterpiece today. Its a Christmas Tree. Its not that I am such a holiday person but the shape kind of seemed easy. I had at least 4 (FOUR!) Asian tourists stop and photograph it. SUP!

Hawaii 2012

Thanks for following. I will go quiet now for a bit as life resumes to its normal pace. I need to get back to stuff like running. Breaks over.

See you again one day, Hawaii. I am fond of you. You are my 3rd favorite state. I hope to call you home in some capacity someday.

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  • Glenn

    Just bought the HNL tix for January, never stayed on Oahu before, looks like fun. So I see I should snorkel Hanauma, run Diamond Head and eat Dukes. Where to sleep?

    • I was going to prepare a special post for you as a summary but looks like you followed along a bit. We stay at the Sheraton Waikiki. You can get a deal through Costco Travel. We can chat live someday about it.

  • nataleejean

    Why does your christmas tree look like a fleur-de-lis attached to a triangle attached to a penis?