April 23, 2012

Permalink Weekly Training Summary (53.92 miles / 8:32:07)

I've got a kill 'em all
Give a shit
License to hate
I'm that one shot
One kill
Bringer of pain



Mon - 0M / Acupuncture
Tue - Mount Sanitas x 2 / 5M
Wed - 0M
Thu - 10M
Fri - 8.5M / 5M
Sat - 10M
Sun - 8.5M


That didn't go as planned...at all. Late the week before, we had Reagan sick home from school with this puking disease. After some late night clean-ups, we had her cured. Then Sydney got it into the weekend. Then my worst nightmare...my wife got it. When Mom is down, I get little slack for running. The worst of that was on Wednesday when Kim was barely lucid and never left the bed. I really really was tempted to leave a 2 year old roam the house and run but I just never got there. And by the time everyone was in bed, I was just plain worn out. So I bailed on the day.

I thought I had personally escaped all of this but it hit me on Thursday afternoon when I deposited my Chipotle into the toilet via my mouth. Sucks. I was in bed myself for 14 hours straight fighting off the major symptoms. I had gotten my morning run in but failed for the afternoon. On Friday, I forced myself through the morning run with run/walk combos. Just good to be outside and trying to move stuff through the body.

We had various activities over the weekend but no runs I did in the morning ever felt good. Gut was way off. So I opted not to pull doubles over the weekend and just admit defeat and re-group. Its Monday as I write this and I still haven't had a solid bowel movement since Thursday. I founded Team Shart and all but there is only so much crapping on a run that one is interested in during the span of a week. Luckily, the park bathrooms are open now so that has helped me in that I am not totally defacing the eastern side of Boulder County any longer. Ok, enough crap talk.

Hoping to return to plan this week although I am not 100% yet. My wife is and she is 2 days ahead of me. So by tomorrow I figure. Hopefully, just a small setback that I can write off to rest. I guess.

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