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Yesterday, I took time out to go for acupuncture to try and address this problem I have been taking about in my butt. I got on the table and laid on my side with my right hip in the air. And as soon as she put her hands on my hip she started laughing. “That can’t be good”, I thought to myself. Apparently, my gluteus medius is tight. Really tight. In fact everything from my lower back on the right side down to my right hamstring was screaming. A little more poking and then she says, “I think you have Dead Butt Syndrome”. Did she just make that up?

NYTimes – Dead Butt Syndrome

So yes, this about nails it on the head. Same old trampoline metaphor. Stuff is pulling too tight in different directions and the butt is trying to make up for it. While I run, it doesn’t hurt because the tension is moving around and I am pumping oxygen to the area. When I stop everything tightens back up and pulls and hurts. The part that always sucks to read is about how you might be further damaging and building scar tissue. That’s not cool.

I youtubed some stretches tonight and tried to do them but they all sucked and didn’t feel like it they were hitting it. I tried a few strengthening things but those sucked too. As much as I pretend to like running, I despise this type of standstill minutia. Like it makes me think…fuck running. I do not enjoy this balancing aspect of the sport. The articles go on to talk about dropping volume and cross-training. Dropping volume isn’t going to do anything but stiffen me up. Tried that. Cross training? That’s for other people.

There were interesting quotes about stride lengths in the articles. I believe my stride has shrunk over the past year. It doesn’t seem to be a good thing. It makes me slower. My cadence is up but my average speed is down. It feel uncomfortable to stretch way out and stride big. I feel it on the Sanitas downhill every week. Its all related.

All in all, I am ramping up the efforts a bit. Give that a week and see how things go.

  • NickP

    Ever consider going to see a PT?

  • skatona

    Somewhere Brownie’s head has exploded.

  • James Kirk

    Is this what my wife means with the term “lazy ass”?

  •  Tell her is a medical condition and not to discriminate.

  •  😉

  • Andy Wooten

    Dude, never a good idea to start your blog off with a sentence containing the words problem, followed by taking, in, my, butt… It just doesn’t set things up for a nice read…  I think you might have meant to actually say “talking?”  Get well soon… WS ain’t that far off!

  • What part needs to be stronger, the Gluteus Medius or the whole complex? Good mornings, squats, clamshells with weights? Funny the chiro wouldn’t just dictate. Strengthen ing isn’t a same-day result kind of thing.

  • “Cross training?  That is for other people.”  Welcome to the other people.

  • Footfeathers

    I sympathize.  I have been dealing with a minor (though painful) stint with my glute/scatia for 7 weeks off and on.  Some heavy ART seems to have corrected the problem.  I assume you’ve tried ART but you need to do it twice a week for a few weeks.  I definitely understand the question of “why bother” with running.  I’ve been there (about once every two weeks I ask myself the same question).  Eventually, I’ll probably just quit running and move on to another sport.  

    I say, run Western, then stop for the rest of the summer and enjoy other aspects of life.  I could see you getting deep into road cycling, once you get started.

  • Haven’t tried ART, but know of it.  Its something I would but just haven’t needed or figured out where to go yet.

    If I hit both 100 goals for the summer, then maybe I will think about doing something different.  Otherwise, I will be doomed to repeat over and over until I make it happen.