Touching the Void

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JV told me about this one but its been in my huge queue for a while now. So I watched it over 2 treadmill sessions. Its a “docu-drama” about a climbing expedition featuring a pair of British climbers. They were down in Peru climbing a previously unclimbed face and summitted. But as anyone who has spent time in the mountains knows, getting to the top isn’t even half the battle. So some textbook bad shit happens and one of the climbers breaks a leg. The meat of the story is what happens next. A good story and pretty good re-creation, I thought.

So you watch movies like this, or 127 Hours, and see people at their lowest. Its re-enacted of course but you try and put yourself there. What would I do? How far would I go if I were Simon? How far would I go if I were Joe?

Now I know its not the same, but going up Powerline at mile 80 last August was about as low as I have felt. Its no comparison to these situations. Its not life or death, but its as close as I get in my sheltered world. But the lessons learned from ultras and world class mountaineering are the same in many ways.

Pick achievable incremental goals to break down an insurmountable task.