There’s An App For That

Geek9 Comments

My Dad suggested I call it “Angry Birds 2” but I stuck with the official name. We are finally live in the App Store as of tonight!


This was a fun project with lots of new stuff to learn along the way. Apple has quite an ecosystem setup here. Lots of steps along the way for developers. Glad to have made it through the process alive.

  • pittbrownie

    Is that something I should download before coming up for the Boulder Basic?

    In other apple news, I can now text from my iPod!

    • Yes!  I am also going to develop a PBR app that costs $100.  Figured that’s a way to get $100 out of you.

  • JV

    How do I download a podcast from i-tunes to my Sansa player?  (starting to get pissed)

  • JV

    Sync I mean, I have already downloaded it.