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I was reviewing this document of posted applicants for HR100 and got sort of excited.

Running isn’t that exciting right now but seeing that list, with my name on it, with all the other friends on it, with other big names on it, was pretty cool. Was able to get in line at the big dance. Just not sure if I will be allowed to go inside. But its just an honor to be nominated. Or something like that.

But my brain is starting to hurt from this upcoming nightmare. Here is the schedule:

Nov 12-26th – WS100 entries open

Dec 1st – HR100 lottery

Dec 10th – WS100 lottery

And Leadville…”early November” is what they are saying. So how do I sign up for all of this effectively!

HR100 is in and takes no money unless you go and you can opt out even if you get in. I won’t but its worth noting.

WS100 is days later so it could be a fun time in early December finding all this stuff out. They take your money when they pick your name.

Odds-wise I am not likely to get into either of these two races. Hell, nobody is. But somebody will and it might be me. Weird.

So if I get into WS100 or HR100 (or OMG both), then I run them. They are the focus event(s) of the summer.

What about the LT100? I am running that too. Returning for the big buckle attempt as I said. If I had a WS100 or HR100 plus LT100, that would be a sweet summer. 3 would be epic and probably sort of unmanageable. But you play the hand you are dealt I suppose. I would be willing to coast through LT100 if I had run those other two that summer.

But if HR100 and WS100 do not happen, I am left with just LT100. That’s still a sufficient goal but I think I will need more. Just trying to run sub-25 is worthy but that was so 2011. I know I didn’t get it but I always try and raise the bar. So what to do.

I have these silly pictures from Specialized.com printed out on my desk. Sweet hardtail 29er. I am telling myself that with some spring practice, I could grind out a sub-12 finish at the 100 mile bike race on that new ride. I know I could get through the other 4 run events. That would allow me to bring home a Leadman trophy. My wife tells me that she thinks that is more impressive than a HR100 or WS100 (although she really doesn’t know what those mean yet) finish.

So do I stay true to the run, or try the ride too for an extra piece of glory? Or will the worst case happen…I go for the bike and mess it up and screw up my run the following weekend. Its hard to say.

So my biggest fear is probably getting sold out of the LT100 run. So when reg opens, I think I need to pay my money for Leadman. See how the lottery goes for HR100 & WS100. If good, then I resign the Leadman money and do whatever events I feel like I can safely add to my schedule with the other races. If the lottery gods hate me, then I am in for all the events. And while I am not a fan of the DNS, I can opt out of the bike until the guns goes off if I just don’t think I am confident that it won’t jeopardize my run. I will give myself all spring to figure that one out.

That was sort of a rant but I wanted to think through it out loud and have you all rip it to shreds or tell me its genius.