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Cleaning up photos this morning since I can’t run yet. Found this gem on Kim’s camera that I never posted.

  • JP Patrick

    That’s mantastic…..

  • Rob T

    I was going to make a joke about Jersey Shore and work an Affliction shirt joke in there, but then I saw you wearing one in the ‘You Might Also Like’ section and thought twice.

    • Too bad Affliction shirts are my favorite and I don’t care what you think. 🙂

  • eburke

    Why is your sack hanging OUTSIDE your pants?

  • George Zack

    Cracking up at the soft drink that is as big as the kid’s head in front of you.

  • You’re right, the guy in that yellow hat is totally douce-a-riffic! That cute gay couple in the front seem awesome, though.