D-Rock On A Building

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Walking downtown in Leadville this weekend, I saw this new sight up on the building next to the LT100 HQ…


Wasn’t that a DNF year photo? I commented to my wife on that and she replied something to the effect of how he looks the part, all minimalist and in the moment. Who gives a crap how he finished. He looks like “Leadville”.

  • Abbie Steinbrueck

    Hi Brandon- Followed your blog ever since I signed up for Leadville Trail Marathon earlier this year…thanks for being a great inspiration! Have you done Imogene? I’m signed up for it this weekend, and wondering how it compares to Leadville.  Rock on! -Abbie Lane (also a Longmont-ian!)

    • Longmont, too, eh?  Nice.

      I have not run Imogene.  So I can’t compare.

      • Abbie Steinbrueck

        Grew up in Longmont – now in Steamboat – but after Imogene, planning a move to the San Juans 🙂
        There’s nothing easy about the Imogene race, but it is much less mentally/physically demanding than Leadville – probably due to the 9 mile deficit- avoided coming over the finish bloody and felt good enough to hang out and enjoy Telluride after! And the scenery tops Leadville 100x over. Sign up for it next year and we’ll see you there!

  • pittbrownie

    Imogene is a great race!  You shouldn’t have a problem with it if you’ve run the Pb marathon.  Basically the race is over once you get to the top of the pass.