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On RunLeadville.com, I have been archiving race report links so that everyone can quickly find more than enough information from other runners on the race. This year, the list is quite a bit longer as I continued to make more friends before, during and after the weekend. Its a shared sacrifice and the people are a major reason why I and others will return to this race. I spent time pouring over each of these reports and commenting on all of them.

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2011

So the reports…

Me (DNF) – Story of a 1st (and last?) DNF.

Brooks Williams (19th) – My bro. Took it out hard, suffered, puked, slept, finished big again.

Wyatt Hornsby (29th) – Brings home another big buckle in s strong run. Yet he sees where he left a few minutes on the table. Repeat.

Mike Hinterberg (64th) – Big buckle for MAH. Amazing run. He walked right past me up Hope. Was excited to see how he would do in his first trail 100 run. He didn’t disappoint.

Pat Garcia (13th) – 100 mile virgin proves he can run competitively at any distance. Let’s see if 2 kids slows him down. Probably not.

Nick Lee (341st) – Minutes ahead of cuts off all day. Talk about stress!

Andy Wooten (180th) – Jumped into the LT100 a few days before after veering off on a 20 mile loop while I was tapering. Nuts. Consistently nuts.

Brendan Trimboli (11th) – 100 mile virgin destroys the race and wasn’t breaking a sweat when I saw him. Memorialized his mother, a LT100 finisher as well, in the run.

Lucas Crespin (DNF) – Tough day on the course ended in a splint. Those are hard to run in.

Woody Anderson (49th) – One of the friendliest dudes…and tall! Big buckle achieved.

Tim Long (15th) – Friend and roommate for the weekend. Karma planted him in my house as the speaker of truth. I didn’t listen. 15th place. Even with JT pacing him. Weird.

Ryan Burch (6th) – Had a monkey on his back with respect to 100s but pulls out the PR at Leadville. Great to see!

Dylan Bowman (2nd) – Finally met him on the start line this year. He brought a crew the size of a small city. Ran the fastest non-winning time in Leadville history. Damn.

Chris Boyack (198th) – Brought home the bacon again. Resigned to the walk but earned the finish.

Cole Clouber (94th) – Son of the founder of the Leadville Trail 100.

Neal Gorman (3rd) – Probably the first place shirtless guy this year though.

John Lacroix (307th) – Motivational Speaker.

Amy Schneider (219th) – Master tweeter got it done.

Joey Luther (DNF) – 3rd time is not a charm. Rough.


Rob Timko – Spectator, crew, pacer. Soaking up the scene. I think he has caught the bug.

Shout out to a few other people who do not publicly verbalize their achievements like the ones above. Probably because they are out running instead of typing.

Lisa Hayen (DNF) – At Mayqueen due to time. That will sting. Might have been a year early but she went for it and gained everything needed for a successful conclusion next year.

Leila DeGrave (48th) – Another big buckle for the lady. She is solid.

Rocky Kroeger (207th) – Blog follower of mine gets it done at Leadville.

David Clark (52nd) – Dude keeps uping his game. I want to keep up! Big buckle.

Emily Booth (264th) – Got a buckle herself. Keeps David in line. Is that possible?

Aaron Marks (237th) – Finished as promised and still has ice cream in my fridge in Leadville. Secret plan?

Bahram Akradi (351st) – Last finisher but over 30 hours. Lifetime Fitness CEO. Controversial.

Let me know if I missed you. Will add you to the list here and on RunLeadville.com.

I would put up a countdown to next year’s race but that would just look silly.

  • LucasCrespin

    Here’s Amy Schneider’s report. She was  a beast out there! http://www.scribd.com/doc/62993784/Leadville-Race-Report-2

    I’ll be back next year. Gotta do the damn thing!

  • Scott Slush

    My rambling account of pacing the front range rambler Mike Hinterberg; http://footandpedaldisease.blogspot.com/2011/08/leadville-100-judgement-of-stars-and.html.  And 11th place finisher Brendan Trimboli’s account: http://www.solarweasel.com/?p=1380.  Really enjoyed your write up! -Slush

    • Did Mike make you ride a bike around town too?

      • Scott Slush

        since he got the big buckle I was spared that punishment

  • Footfeathers

    One stop shop for all your Leadville needs. Hell, now I’m considering running it again. Need the count down on here for sure.

    • I say we do a real training camp next summer between “the dudes”.  Maybe 3-5 days of serious course work each morning?

  • mikehinterberg

    Great resource and comments, thanks!
    “Bahram Akradi (351st) – Last finisher but over 30 hours. Lifetime Fitness CEO. Controversial.”
    Yes, there were 347 finishers, listed correctly on ultrasignup.  Kind of a turn-off (and middle finger) to the history of the race otherwise.
    Is anybody else talking about this “controversy,” or are they like me and just slightly annoyed/grumbling to themselves? I also have no idea if it was his choice to have kept the timing mat on or not; and if he himself claims a finish (or not) for the race and Leadman.  Curious, though.  On the other hand, being a big man and calling a DNF a DNF and talking about how hard it was would bring more respect.

    • It was all the rage on the LT100 Yahoo group for a while.  Went both ways.  All in all, I guess I gotta give the nod to the fact that the CEO is coming out to play.  That gives me some confidence that the LT100 will be around for a long time instead of being a cut budget item in a corporate spreadsheet some year.

      • mikehinterberg

        I just heard about the Yahoo group from Pete S. too, I’m gonna have to make some popcorn, sit down and check it out.

        • pittbrownie

          Wait, so did someone get an official Pb100 finish, and even an official Leadman finish, with a run time of over 30 hours?

          • That was that short lived rumor after the race.  However the LRS staff confirmed that he did not receive those.

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  • Pstew11

    hey brandon, i ran leadville this year as my first ultra. i used your site and old race reports when i was doing research, so i figured i’d add some info by giving you the link to my 2011 race report.

    cheers, patrick


  • Andy Wooten

    Thanks for the props Brandon.  It wasn’t until late in that run after I veered off, about mile 20 or so at the bottom of the power lines that I began to really wish that I was in the race.  As they say, “be careful what you wish for!”  Regardless, I look forward to running some more with you and both of us running the race again next year and upgrading our buckles.