Weekly Training Summary (54.21 miles / 8:48:19)

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Blinded by your sacred faded past times

Only time is your enemy

Granted a second chance

To prove that your arrogance

Is stronger than you’ll ever be

Is stronger than you can be


Mon – 0M: Day after the race. Felt fine but wanted to be smart.

Tue – 7M: Back at it after the race. All systems seem to check out.

Wed – 8M: Run of the week. On fire. Holy shit.

Thu – 0M: Cat saga and work kept me home but that was cool.

Fri – 10M: Leadville. Mainly on LT100 course from home.

Sat – 13M: Mount Massive.

Sun – 15M: Felt hot, hard and great.


Training Load 2011-07-24

This: CTL = 145; ATL = 153; TSB = -8

TSB was a tad positive going into SR50. Nearly perfect. Will want to be like +10 to +20 going into LT100. Need a bit more freshness. +0 doesn’t feel awesome, just good.


Recovery week. Not that I felt like I needed much recovery. The thing about training the way I have is that I feel pretty good right after a race. No more limping around the house for a week. So 50 miles last Sunday, granted it wasn’t all out, and then back at it by Tuesday with no real damage that I could perceive. Stayed in Leadville for recovery because its too god damn hot in the Front Range. Its consistently 20 degrees cooler in Leadville and it smells like fucking nature is having an orgasm every morning. That deep dry pine needle smell when you walk out the door is just awesome.

Work is getting crazier lately with new projects, new bosses, and layoffs coming the first week of August. Harder to slide out during the day for an extended effort. Just glad that I was able to time by big build-up over the last few months. I don’t need to be out everyday for hours anymore. Just every few days.

Felt like I was fully acclimated by the time I left Leadville this last weekend. I have spent at least 15 nights up there so far this month. That’s no drop in the bucket. Feels substantial. Hopefully, it gives me some advantage.

Got accused of not pushing it through the pain at the end of the SR50. That’s true. I didn’t. It wasn’t the time to wake the demon. Saving him for the LT100.

RULE: If you make a running video and your soundtrack is a Creed song, you are a total douchebag.

Also was thinking about injuries this morning. Realized that I hadn’t talked about any issues in months now. This is a GOOD THING(tm). Last summer, I felt like my hip gave out somewhere after SJS50 going into July. This year I just wrapped up the 50 and feel good. Hoping that things stay together. Feels like they should at this point. I am doing all the right things. Felt like dipping the mileage down a bit this week will also help cement good karma there too. I wouldn’t want to look back and say I ran 100 miles the week after that race and that was my downfall.

Headed to California for the week. That’s always a bit of wildcard with the running given work but I should stay in the “normal” range this week before ramping up on my return to Leadville around August 1st for the final bit of preparation before the race. I plan to stay there until race day so that should add another 20+ days to my total time at altitude for the summer. Will be doing some night miles on August 6th. Probably the FH to Finish. Others welcome.

Shaved my beard. I needed to get back to myself. I have prepared. I have waited. Failure is not an option. I want that big buckle — new logo and all!

2,146 miles on the year.