She Liked The Balls

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Had to take Kayla with me today on my first follow-up with Jeremy since the shot. She kept busy in the exercise room while we worked on the table nearby.


Its been 7 weeks since the shot. Its worn off by now. So I wanted to go back in for a follow up and see what’s next. I can’t quite remember everything given I was distracted by a crazy baby in the room but the gist of it was that I am still recovering…slowly.

The tendonitis in the hip is still there and I am still within the range of recovery time. It hasn’t completely completed its course yet. So basically, I need to give another month. It is better than its been since it started but its not 100%. Not really limiting the running but the doubt is there and there is aching when not active on it (sitting, laying, driving, etc.).

Jeremy noticed some quad mobility difference in my right to left sides. Right, where the hip hurts, was interestingly less mobile. I have to work on that.

We talked a lot about next major steps and the possibility of tears. Jesse had me all dialed into that with his recent plan of action so I wanted to recover that course so I understood it fully. Basically, we would do a high contrast MRI (not cheap) to see what’s going on in there. That would tell us but the reality is that I can’t do anything about it if there was without impacting my season. So we are opting not to since it is improving. Just slowly. There was 20 minutes of discussion there but I won’t repeat it all here. Just to say that Jeremy has seen lots of people and has lots of experience so I am going with his judgement after weighing it myself and coming to the same conclusions.