Raining On Our Parade

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The day after the race, we got up late and were headed back up to San Francisco to do some touristy stuff. It poured rain all day so it wasn’t the best city tour I have ever given. Quick view of the race start behind us…over there at the end of that bridge. Natalee is starting to take after us…


But when people visit San Francisco, they often think of one thing.



Exhibit A. Gay or not gay?


Exhibit B. Gay or not gay?


Exhibit C. Gay or not gay?


Exhibit D. Gay or not gay?


Exhibit E. Gay or not gay?


Exhibit F. Gay or not gay?


  • georgezack

    Glad to see Leadville Fuller traditions alive and well in SF.

  • Figured that would look familiar to some.

  • I’m actually crying after seeing all the gay exhibits… well done.

  • Jvoclv

    Yes on all counts.

  • pittbrownie

    Gay is running behind Jen Shelton for a while and then only posting pics of Brooks on your blog!

    • Ha ha! Didn’t have my camera on me. You guys made me cut that shit out.

  • nataleejean

    I’m just happy Exhibit F didn’t involve shorty shorts with the potential of seeing my brother’s nads.