Godsmack / Five Finger Death Punch / Drowning Pool @ Broomfield, CO / 2010

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I was ready for a metal show. I had not been to this venue before. The 1STBank Center, formerly known as the Broomfield Event Center. Its closer than the usual downtown stuff so that was good but I wasn’t sure how it would feel and sound. Got there and there was a moderate line of traffic because you had to pay to park. That was dumb. Turns out there was street parking further out but you had to know that. Will park out there next time.

Got in before the show started. I usually don’t do that but I wanted to see each of all the bands. Drowning Pool is an occasional listen for me. Bodies is a great song. Excited to see what theses guys had. I ended up knowing more songs that I thought and the band had a good amount of energy. However, Bodies did not live up to its potential in my opinion.

Drowning Pool

Next up were the boys I came to see — Five Finger Death Punch! I love these guys. Ivan is great. He is originally from Denver so he is always talking about how the home crowd is so great. The set was perfect but maybe a bit short given they were not headlining. It was a miniature version of the last time I saw them.


Finally, Godsmack took the stage. The crowd was definitely more laid back. 5FDP brought out the sweat and moves in the pit but Godsmack was more mellow. Sully continued demonstrating his well rounded abilities by singing, playing guitar and doing drums too. Impressive. I almost get the sense that these guys were bigger in their day but the music is still solid and so is the show.


Excited to get out and see 3 great bands!