Run: Green Mountain (6.19 mi)

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With this taper funk, I am hesitant to do anything hard in the way of runs because as many say “one run can ruin your race”. However, last night I knew I needed to get something more substantial going in the next few days before the final few days of more rigorous taper.

So JV and I planned to easy run up Green this morning. Is there such a thing? Sort of. GZ was meeting others for a faster run later in the morning. But when I showed up looking for JV, GZ was there and ready to roll with us. Guess this makes sense…the GZ warm-up often involves 2+ hours of running before the actual meet-up.


Went up Gregory and then did some other randomness to get to the top. Pretty much lots of new loops for me today. I was kind of feeling great this morning. I would kick it into gear and cruise up a hill to build a little steam then back it down into a powerhike. Thinking my body is ready to roll in 8 days. And there is still taper to go! GZ bailed on us part way up and JV and I continued on and sat on the clear summit for a while.

We came back down and cut over to the front side to try and find GZ, Lucho, and Tim who were running a fast lap up Green. Found them in the Gregory parking lot and said hi. Good to see everyone again. Then we headed back across the field to Chautauqua where we ran into Tony on his daily outing. Flagged him down and chatted for a while. Says he is making “the call” today. Hope so!

After getting cleaned up, I had to go over to the clinic for my dermatology appointment. I was having this long standing hemangioma taken off my head. Sick of it. So I went in and they laid me down, numbed my head, then cut it out. Instantly, I felt a warmish rush over my head. Blood everywhere. Apparently, there were a few vessels that came together there. You would have thought I had a gunshot wound in my head with all the blood. They were trying to get it to stop for 20 minutes. Scalp cuts like this normally bleed a lot but this was a ton. I didn’t know I would lose all that blood or I might have waited until after the race. Finally, got me stitched up and I got released. Back in a couple weeks to get my blue stitches removed.


Good to see everyone. Good to get back on Green. Great day. Felt positive about running again.

I went 6.19 miles with an elevation gain of 2,764 feet in 01:34:56, which is an average pace of 15:20. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.