Run: Progression/Rolling 10K (6.13 mi @ 07:27)

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Wasn’t going to double today but since I hadn’t showered after the morning run…what the hell. Its nice and toasty outside. Wore my new Nike Free 3.0s. Felt fast and light in those suckers. I got about 2 miles into the run before I remembered my shin issue. Nothing out of place there at all today. Feels great. Nearly 100%. After the first hill, I started rolling and decided to keep lowering the pace as it felt right. So I plotted out a 10K finish point and kept at it. Finished real strong. Disappointed I didn’t have splits on the watch to see how it played out. Forgot to turn it back on from the AM. Felt good to run hard. Something clicked.

Loved this LOST video. You probably learn more from one of these than from watching 3 or 4 episodes. Plus, they are funny.

I went 6.13 miles with an elevation gain of 136 feet in 00:45:42, which is an average pace of 07:27. Heart rate average was 149. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.