McIntosh Mud Hen 5k 2010

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Distance 5k
Time 19:41 (PR)
Pace 6:20
Rank 7 of 338
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Previously, previously.

I have this local 5k on my calendar every year. Its just across town and a nice path around a lake. The bad news is that the weather is always crappy. This year was no change as the past few days and this morning brought clouds, wind and showers. I got up this morning and it was dry at least so I decided to go run this to keep the tradition alive. I knew I wasn’t going to be fully recovered from Boston so I wasn’t going to push it hard. Felt like wearing my BAA jacket but decided against it because that seemed like a tool move. Just go run it and PR by breaking 20. The calculators say I am good for low 18s right now but that is based on Boston so it would be at sea level, etc. Bad news is that I am still getting re-acquainted with Colorado after only returning home a few days ago. My lungs aren’t ready nor are my legs.

McIntosh Mud Hen 5k 2010

I sat in the trunk 50 feet from the start until they started giving race instructions. Stayed nice and warm. Jogged over just as they said 1 minute to go. Started up front but quickly a pack of 10-15 folks jumped out as they scrambled for space on the bike path. The grass was soaked. I took one step in it and filled my shoe with water and my sock was drenched. Sucked. I fell back in line and held pace as 5 folks just started to blow up right around me. Nothing like going out too fast. By the time, we started the first turn around the lake I counted and found myself in 11th with a huge headwind slowing me down. I just kept on that pace and started picking people off.

We rounded the lake and I kept reeling them in 1×1. I was going slower on mile 2 by the splits but that was OK. Just out here to have fun. However, it was sad to think that I ran a mile that fast in Boston after running 20+ miles just before it. Here I was fresh and at home and I could barely muster more than this. Don’t feel tired but my body still is.

McIntosh Mud Hen 5k 2010

I moved up into 7th. The 6 in front of me were in 2 packs. 3 way up there. No chance of catching them. Then 3 more in front of me. They were not that far ahead of me. There was nobody behind me to push my pace. Those guys stayed solid. I might have gained a bit but it wasn’t worth trying to get them. My place was set so I just had to hold it. Crossed the line and remembered that I hate 5k races. Not my thing. Disappointed to see 19 on the clock. I should do specific training for one of these someday. But hey, 7th place! I will take it. Previous finishes here were 31st place, then 14th place last year. Cutting it in half every year. Not a bad trend. Went over to the van to see how that stacked up.

McIntosh Mud Hen 5k 2010

1st in my age division! I WON SOMETHING! Na na, na na, hey! Sure, its a little race but I will take it. I have never won anything in my brief running career. Its fun to feel fast — even if you aren’t really. Race was sponsored by Dicks and their are prizes to division winners that they are mailing. Maybe a small gift certificate. Might have to frame that sucker. I stood around and watched my fellow racers finish for about 30 minutes. Great to see kids, families, and elders out there making it around the lake. With Longs Peak looming on the horizon, I felt like it was great to be home.

McIntosh Mud Hen 5k 2010

Splits: 1 – 6:22, 2 – 6:38, 3 – 6:15. Soft, soft times. More rest and a better day and I can destroy those.

I went 3.08 miles with an elevation gain of 15 feet in 00:19:45, which is an average pace of 06:24. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.

  • runcolo

    Well done, that wind today was fierce. Hopefully I had some solid weather for the Sneak manana.

    • Sorry we didn’t make it down there. Sydney was at the neighbor’s house till about 10 PM and said she wasn’t interested because she would be too tired. The priorities of a 6 year old!

  • georgezack

    PR? Hell yeah. Go get that A wave qual.

    • Today made me realize I would have to do some specific training for that. But it’s not on my radar. I have ultras to prepare for now.

  • Steve

    Sorry Brandon. I once won a 5K in 18:25. I am sure you will now work to break that time too. Of course I was 44.

    • Thanks for continuing to set me up for my next mission.

  • Glenn

    Hmm, I only have the half PR on you now. Better get back into shape.

    • That’s the one I am excited to run. Might have to slide one in during May.